Tangle Nightball Football

€ 37,99 (including VAT 21%)
In stock

The more you throw, kick and bounce Tangle Matrix Nightballs the brighter they light up! Our brand new LED motion-sensored sports balls light up upon both impact and movement. Nightballs are even waterproof and they float! Now you can play soccer any time – on the street, in the park, even at the ocean. Our innovative Matrix design makes these nightballs easy to play with and do tricks.

- Not for children under 3 years

Premium Quality Tangle Toy: Our authentic Tangle fidget toys are made up of latex-free, BPA-free, toxic-free plastic of only the very best quality.

Train Your Brain: Tangle Therapy fidget toys are specially designed to exercise your mind and enhance creativity.

Easy To Use: Freely twist the sensory Tangle sections! The original fidget toy, Tangles twist and turn in every direction allowing for every possibility of movement.

Put Down The Electronics: If you're trying to get your child away from a tablet or phone, this classic twisty Tangle fidget toy is a great non-disruptive solution to your gadget problem.

Lightweight: This Tangle fidget toy is sure to delight Tangle fans everywhere!

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