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Tangle Furry Fidget - Rainbow Kaleidoscope Plush Fidget Toy - Fidget Plush Toy

€ 13,99 (including VAT 21%)
In stock
Dimensions (l,w,h) 22,86 x 10,16 x 2,54 cm

Introducing our All-New Sensory Plush Tangles! The Furry Tangle assortment is soft, bendable, and super tactile - perfect for sensory seekers and Tangle lovers everywhere! Collect all 5 styles!

- Not for children under 3 years

PLUSH FIDGET TOYS: The Tangle Furry Fidget combines two of the most popular ways of play. Fidget and Plush! The Furry Tangle includes a real Tangle Jr on the inside and is wrapped with a soft layer of high quality plush to make a whole new sensory experience!

FURRY TANGLES: Experience the original Tangle Jr with a brand new twist! The Furry Tangle has all the same sensory stimulation as an original Tangle Jr, but now with a satisfying layer of plush!

PLUSH TANGLE FIDGET TOY: The Furry Tangle is the original Plush Tangle! This series of Furry Tangles is part of the limited Furry Series X-1. Get it while supplies last!

PUT DOWN THE ELECTRONICS: If you're trying to get your child away from a tablet or phone, this twist fidget toy is a great non-disruptive solution to your gadget problem. These Tangle fidget sensory toys are great for everyone ages 3 to 85. These fidget therapy tangle packs are perfect gifts for birthdays or as party favors. This Tangle Jr fidget toy is also a wonderful incentive and prize for kids.

FEEL GOOD: Playing with a Tangle is relaxing and improves concentration for people of all ages. Use the Tangle in a classroom or the office and feel the amazing effects of fidgeting with the original fidget toy, The Tangle!

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